How To Pray To Angels

How To Pray To Angels

Prayer is probably the most powerful tool we have when we are trying to call out to the Heavens. Although many people know that they should pray to God, most people aren’t aware that you can pray directly to the Angels. As God’s messengers and the guardians of humanity, they are always watching us. In fact, it is one of their many jobs to assist us when we need help from above.

Though you may pray to the Angels for assistance, it’s important to remember that you should not worship them in the same way that you do God. Revelation 19:9-10 and 22:8-9 from the Bible make it clear that we aren’t to pray to them in the same way that we do God. We are allowed to speak with them and ask them for guidance and for them to pray to God for us.

Although there are disagreements on whether we should or can pray to the Angels, it’s common for many Christians to pray directly to their Guardian Angel, who will pray to God on their behalf. Many people also call out directly to an Archangel when they have specific needs.

Praying to Your Guardian Angel

Many people believe that everyone on Earth has at least one Guardian Angel. Some people may even be fortunate enough to have multiple Angels watching over them. These Angels are always nearby and they see and hear everything in our lives. As you enter your daily prayers or meditation you can speak directly to your Guardian Angel. Here is a prayer you may use to call upon your Guardian Angel:

“Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.”

Just as when you connect with any Angel, it’s important to keep your heart and mind opening when praying to your Guardian Angel. They can only help you after you ask them to. You are free to ask your Guardian Angel for guidance, wisdom, and encouragement. While in prayer to your Guardian Angel, you may seek answers for any question.

Another way to ensure that your Guardian Angel hears you is to pray to them right before you fall asleep. This will allow them to visit you while you are sleeping. In your dreams they can appear to answer questions and provide guidance.

Although some religions believe that Guardian Angels have the free will to choose how they answer your prayers, in Christianity, the belief is that they only carry out God’s will when answering prayers. They do however have the ability to pray to God on your behalf and try to influence his will. For example in the story of Jacob wrestling the Angel for a blessing overnight, when the morning comes, the Angel tells Jacob that God has granted him the blessing he was seeking.

As you pray to your Guardian Angel, it’s important to remember to take the time to thank them for all that they do for you. Expressing gratitude and giving thanks to your Guardian Angel during your prayers will help to strengthen your bond with them and  provide them with a renewed energy to continue to help you. Remember to send out positive vibes to your Guardian Angel and the universe. Also, be sure to thank your Guardian Angel for any recent blessings and answered prayers.

Although there may be some confusion over whether it’s okay to pray to Angels or not, it’s important to know that you are allowed to speak to them and pray to them in your own way. Be mindful not to worship or pray to them in the way that you would God. Angels are here to help us and you should never feel like you can’t reach out to them. Whenever you feel like you need to, just call out to the Angels and they will hear your prayers. If praying to Angels makes your feel uncomfortable, then know that you are free to speak with your personal Guardian Angel who will take your prayers to God. Remember to keep a positive energy and express gratitude through all your prayers and remain steady in your faith that God will answer you.

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