Connecting With The Angels

Connecting with the Angels

Angels are pure divine beings of light, many of them work with humankind to bring about peace and guidance. They love unconditionally and are non judgmental, they see through the surface of a person into their true soul and the divine love that exists within each person. There are many different types of angels, but the most well known are guardian angels and archangels.

Guardian angels are personal to you, each person is born with one or more guardian angels by their side, to bring comfort, healing, guidance, protection and inspiration throughout your life. You can communicate whenever you wish and build up a very close relationship with your guardian angels, they love it when you acknowledge their presence and as you do this, they will bring you signs of their presence such as white feathers, coins in unusual places, number sequences, sparkles of light, mists, nature such as butterfly’s landing on you and wonderful synchronicities such as hearing a relevant song at the perfect time.

Archangels also work very closely with mankind but they have more specific roles and work with everyone who calls upon them. Each archangel can be omnipresent, which means that they can be with more than one person at a time, so there is no need to worry that when you’re working with them, you’re taking them away from a more important situation, for they are not bound by time nor space.

To connect with the angels you do not need special skills, everyone has the ability to communicate with them, and through doing so you will find that it leads to a more happier, peaceful and fulfilling life. Angels can connect with you anytime in any place, just ask them to assist you in any area of your life that you need support with and they will happily assist. Once you ask for their help, you will feel the presence of the angels around you and you will never feel alone.

Click on the images below for an overview of how each archangel can assist you and the specific areas that they are assigned.

Archangel ArielArchangel AzraelArchangel Chamuel
Archangel GabrielArchangel HanielArchangel Jeremiel
Archangel JophielArchangel MetatronArchangel Michael
Archangel RaguelArchangel RaphaelArchangel Raziel
Archangel SandalphonArchangel UrielArchangel Zadkiel


Image credits: Pixabay; Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue