How To Pray To Angels

How To Pray To Angels

Prayer is probably the most powerful tool we have when we are trying to call out to the Heavens. Although many people know that they should pray to God, most people aren’t aware that you […] Read more »

How To Connect With Angels

How To Connect With Angels

Whether you are aware of it or not, Angels are always around us. They are the embodiment of God’s life and they are tasked with guiding and protecting us. They are always nearby and are […] Read more »

Angel Hierarchy The Celestial Spheres

Angel Hierarchy: The Celestial Spheres

Just like with any large group of beings, Angels have a certain order or hierarchy. The different types of Angels are divided into different categories and have specific duties. The Angel hierarchy consists of three […] Read more »

Angels Appear on Jacob’s Ladder

Angels Appearing In Dreams

Another iteration of Angels delivering messages to people is through their appearances in dreams. There are many verses from the Bible where Angels deliver messages from God to people while they’re sleeping. Although Angels appearing […] Read more »

What Are Fallen Angels

What Are Fallen Angels?

According to Jewish and Christian beliefs, God created all Angels to be Holy. In general, Angels are known as God’s messengers who spread warmth, love, and peace. However, not all of God’s Angels believe in […] Read more »